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New Prices and Opening Hours for 2022

Full Day:  7am to 6pm - £20 per dog  
Half Day: 7am to 12am or 1pm to 6pm - £12 per dog
£10 per dog (From 5pm to 9am)
Holiday Boarding:
£30 per dog per night

Dog Assesment:
£10 per dog for a 2 hour assesment (assessing your dogs behaviour and provides training recommendations)
Dog Walk Handling Training:
£10 (per dog + owner) for a 1 hr dog training session (Implementing the recommendations)
Dog Socialising Training:
£5 per dog for 1 hour supervised play / social session every sunday at an secure field to give you and your dog confidence being around other dogs

Liz Conway

85 Bere Hill Crescent, Andover,SP10 2AN

Open 7 days a week
Tel: 07827885710
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